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We are a rental site containing a wide variety of properties available for travellers who wish to experience an alternative and unique type of accommodation: cottages, chalets, villas or urban condos located in fabulous places for vacations at competitive prices. Thanks to our ten years of experience in the international rental market, we can offer you exclusive resort properties close to tourist attractions, in the heart of the city or in the countryside.

We aim to be the best intermediary between travellers and owners for a unique, hassle-free experience.

Properties of impeccable quality

Each property is carefully selected by our team and certified, according to the territory, by the Quebec Tourist Board using three criteria: location, character, and comfort.

All our property-owners are advised by our team on how to structure their unit to meet visitors’ needs and maintain impeccable quality

Diversity of supply

You’ll find unique houses, cottages, condos and villas in strategic locations for an optimal experience. Rural, luxurious, downtown, at the foot of the ski slopes or on the lakeshore, there are many options for those who wish to discover their dream vacation home.

Trusted Service

To advise you about your best vacation options, you can’t go wrong with our service based on professionalism, expertise, availability and attention to clients’ needs. At all times we are there to answer your questions, create a personalised itinerary, and accompany you every step of the way. Because of our partnership with well-known hotels, you can be assured of a safe and secure rental in keeping with the highest hoteliers’ standards.

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