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Vacationers of all types are looking for unique accommodation experiences and the most suitable places to stay, and homeowners take advantage of this demand. At MON ADRESSE À LOUER, we appreciate the hard work that is devoted to rental management and we are here to help you.

We offer professional rental unit management services and we have the experience and resources to manage your property and guarantee you better returns.

Our team of experts provides complete solutions for managing your units, including online and offline marketing, professional maintenance including daily cleaning and repairs, reservations, billing and customer service. We offer you a turnkey service allowing you to generate more income WITHOUT THE LOW EFFORT. From the registration of the property to the operation, through the marketing and redistribution of income, the team of MON ADRESSE À LOUER takes care of everything!

Our commitment is to accompany you in structuring your unit and ensuring that customers settle comfortably and enjoy their stay. We have an experienced team of marketing specialists and rental management who ensure that your rental experience is impeccable. The owners appreciate the peace of mind of renting their accommodation unit according to their needs thanks to our personalized services and conveniences recognized by the hotel institutions. We have earned their trust, the proof, most of our new properties come from references of our happy customers and we invite you to join this happy family.

Our goal is to protect your investment and ensure a better return on your investment. Contact us today to find out more.

In addition to our turnkey service, our professionals at DecoConseils, help you enhance your property by valuing and maximizing each room with the objective of increasing rental income.

We invite you to read our blog article about the 12 important steps to success in the short-term rental of your property right here!

How can I submit my property?

It is very simple ! Click on the “Submit my property” button and fill in the necessary fields.

The registration of your house or cottage is free. A member of our team will contact you to validate your registration and discuss your rental goals. Please complete one request per unit for rent.

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Services offered to owners

To learn more, check out the details of each of our services here and start increasing your income now!

On-going service

Our team of professionals is available at all times. We deal with rental requests and requests for information about your residence 24 /7.

As soon as a rental is finalised, a rental contract is automatically sent to you. In this, you’ll find all the customary clauses and important information to make sure that both your and the visitor’s experience run smoothly.

Our support during the whole process

Beginning with photos of your residence up till the cleaning service after the visitors have left, we take care of everything. We make sure that the house is adapted to the visitors’ needs by neutralising the decor and maximising the living space so that the visitors will feel at home..

Mon adresse à louer helps you to get the most out of your property, as well as providing you with a guide which indicates the important factors to keep in mind when you rent out your property.

Guaranteed visibility

Our strength is our online distribution network.

Our association with well-known hotels allows your property to be seen on several sites simultaneously, increasing its visibility and hence its profitability.

Our bold marketing plan means that we deploy constant efforts to highlight your property with no extra charge to you. You don’t need to spend anything on publicity,  Mon adresse à louer takes care of everything!

Contact us to obtain a concrete example of possible income

Standards – Accommodation tax

Unlike certain house and cottage rental sites, Mon adresse à louer makes sure that all legal requirements are respected.

Systematically, an accommodation tax of an extra 3.5 % is charged for each reservation. We pay and manage this tax and produce the quarterly reports for the government in your name.

Standards – CITQ classification

Each property is carefully selected and attested by the CITQ (Quebec tourist Industry Corporation). This ensures that the customer has a faithful description of the rental property and increases the quality of the accommodation offer. The classification of tourist residences is identified by pictograms, from 1 to 5 stars.

We also ensure that the rental of your residence conforms to the local municipal standards. Mon adresse à louer makes sure to obtain this authorisation and deals with all the necessary paperwork to obtain the classification.

Besides, we offer a support service to municipalities to help them structure their offer of collaborative accommodation.

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Cleaning service

Apart from the cleaning service automatically carried out at the end of each rental period by our team, the hotel affiliated with your region can offer complete high-quality cleaning services, including bedding and towels.

So you can deal directly with us for the general maintenance of your property.