We believe strongly that development should not be conducted at the expense of the environment and future generations. That’s why our approach is one of sustainable development and ecological responsibility. For the last ten years we have been working hard to promote local talent and reduce our carbon footprint. Our corporate vision includes the environmental, social, economic, cultural, ethical and territorial aspects of sustainable development.

Our main preoccupations include:

Reduce our environmental impact

  • By offsetting greenhouse gas emissions through the sale of trees (in collaboration with  Carbone Boréal)
  • By effective waste management including composting and recycling
  • By organizing your environmentally-friendly event

Encourage the local economy

  • By encouraging partnerships with local artisans
  • By using local products in our restaurants

Promote local culture and artistic creation

  • By our participation in the many festivals that are the pride of our city
  • By the number of beautiful regional artworks decorating our hotel

Promote a healthy lifestyle

  • By our Health Policy
  • By our restaurant menus using local products
  • By our partnership with Rezzo Santé

Hotel development should serve as a stimulus for the local economy and ensure access to resources for future generations. Our environment protection initiatives, which include offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, allied with our emphasis on authentic local culture, are an integral part of our commitment to sustainable development. At Mon addresse à louer, we are continuing to make progress in this direction thanks to management, employees and a qualified eco-advisor.